Earthling Travels

Adventures in family travel, New Zealand and the world.


Hi! I am a traveller, writer, mother, story-teller although not necessarily in that order. I got a taste for travel in my teens and early twenties, although that’s a while back now. I spent 19 years feeding my travel urges as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand. During those years, I had my two beautiful children, who are now 16 and 12. They grew up with their mum disappearing for half the week, but coming home with a suitcase full of toys, books, new clothes, and exotic foods. We were able to use the travel opportunities the job gave us to travel overseas and throughout New Zealand.

All good things must come to an end however, and three years ago I took voluntary redundancy from Air New Zealand to pursue my love of writing. I’m trying to learn to stay in one place, but it isn’t easy! I’m having fewer adventures in far off lands, and more here in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand. We like to get around in my 1970s trailer-camper! I’ve collected lots of stories, and have learnt some lessons the hard way. I hope in this blog to entertain and educate, to inspire and gather up some like-minded followers. Join us!

This is my son and I  in Sydney…obviously! We went to see Matilda the Musical.